It’s Not Only About Time But The Perfect Time For A Stripped Down, Lowercase-Song-Title Album From Ms. Swift | ‘folklore’ review

I remember when the superstar released 1989-a ground-breaking album that replaced the comfortable image we collectively held of the beach-waved country singer with a sleek-bobbed pop star that took the genre to its most crafted fringes.

So she proves that 1989 is not her pinnacle once or twice over (depending on who you ask), and the question must be asked — where can she possibly go from here?

But as it turns out, I was once again wrong and Swift was once again very right. 2020 turned out to be the perfect year for Swift to retreat back into nuanced simplicity with her surprise album folklore.

This project fittingly feels like isolation.

Long live lowercase swift and her lowercase swifties.

While we continue to search for a vaccine, folklore can be our temporary elixir.

Monica Moser is an Austin-based singer/songwriter, podcaster, & freelance journalist working in digital marketing in the music industry. TW/IG: @monicamoser

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